In order to identify wood-carvings,
produced exclusively by hand, the
Bolzano Chamber of Commerce certifies the genuiness of this procedure.This certification is made in twosuccsessive stages: a trade-mark duly registered, is attached to the object, and a certificate is issued declaring that it is entirely and exclusively handcarved. The trade- mark consists of a metal disc bearing the inscription "ENTIRELY HAND CARVED".The trade mark is attached in a special place on the base of
the carving after the latter has
been rough-hewn. The application of
the trade-mark is done by an expert chosen by the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano. After the work has been completed and carefully examined, the expert issues the certificate, wich is an official document of the Chamber of Commerce, numbered progressively and containing all the information necessary for the unmistakableidentification of the wood-carving.